Fall 2016

A lot of stuff to update on…

First off, The Wee Trio! The guys and I are releasing a brand new record at the end of September (the 30th, to be exact). We put our heart and soul into this one and asked some of our favorite musicians to collaborate with us. Trumpeter Nicholas Payton, guitarist Nir Felder and pianist Fabian Almazan all make multiple appearances on the record. We’ve entitled it “Wee + 3.” We will playing CD release gigs and touring across the country this fall, so please check the tour section to see if we will be in a city near you.


Also, my friend and fantastic pianist Laurence Hobgood┬árecently launched a new project called “Tessaterra” which is a standard jazz piano trio pared with the awesome Ethel String Quartet. Check it out at Laurence’s website linked above.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.22.40 PM