Fall + Wee Trio New Album + Kurt Elling + Laurence Hobgood

Going to try and post a little more often starting now! Been having a nice fall so far.

A few weeks ago, The Wee Trio recorded our fifth album. It went incredibly well and we were thrilled to have special guests Nicholas PaytonFabian Almazan, and Nir Felder with us. James, Dan and I each wrote new material for our guests and they did not disappoint. We will be releasing some music videos shortly and will keep everyone posted on the release date of the album.

I had the great fortune of playing with two of my favorite artists this past month.  First off, I returned to my favorite club in the world, The Green Mill, with pianist Laurence Hobgood‘s trio with bassist Matt Clohesy. We did a CD Pre-release gig, and got a stellar review from resident jazz critic Howard Reich. You can check it out here. Some great photos as well. After that, I returned to New York to do a week long residency at the famed Cafe Carlyle at the Carlyle Hotel with Kurt Elling. Kurt and the band sounded incredible and it was a real treat to do a 5-day run in my hometown. Great review from the Huffington Post here.

The Wee Trio travels West on Thursday to Bucknell University to do a clinic with the band and a free concert open to the public at 7:30 PM. More info here.

Discography is being updated. Check it out!