Spring Update

It’s almost Spring in New York (well, it’s still cold, but it’s sunny… kind of…).

Couple cool things to update. I filmed an episode of Glee. I think that’s all I can say for now. Should air in the next month or so.

I’m starting to play with the great Donna Lewis coming up this and next month. Visit her website here. She has had a few huge pop hits in the 90s and made an incredible record with the Bad Plus as her band. More info in the Tour section. We’ll also be doing a weekly residency at a great club starting at the end of April.

I’ll be playing with the great John Daversa‘s band again at Shapeshifter Labs. John is a fantastic musician, composer and arranger. I really dig his stuff.

Last, at the end of the month, I’ll be recording a new record with Ike Sturm‘s band. These are my favorite people, and my favorite music. Fabian Almazan, Jesse Lewis, Chris Dingman, Melissa Stylianou, Loren Stillman, Misty Ann Sturm, and Ike Sturm.