Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. I’ve got a nice May and June coming up and am looking forward to making a lot of beautiful music.

This past weekend I got to play with one of my favs, Nadje Noordhuis, at the Bell House opening up for Darcy James Argue’s 10 year anniversary bash of Secret Society. Both bands sounded incredible and it was a great evening.

Coming up this May are a few gigs with the great Sara Caswell and her band at St. Peters Church on May 17 and at the 55 Bar on May 31.

Really looking forward to playing with vibraphonist Chris Dingman and his band (Loren Stillman, Fabian Almazan, Ryan Ferreira, Linda Oh) at Bryant Park on May 18. We’ll be playing the music from his gorgeous new record The Subliminal and The Sublime to be released in June.

A couple great big bands to round out the month; First, at the Jazz Gallery with Jazz Composers Workshop Vol 3 playing the music of the great composers Nathan Parker Smith, Tom Erickson and John Yao on May 28, then with the always fun Birdland Big Band the next day on May 29 at of course, Birdland.